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Join us Fri May 14th- June 6th for an open web, protocol agnostic summit + hackathon that will be focused on


Social Tokens


Meet The Creators

Erick Pinos

Linda Xie

Beatriz Ramos

Ian Lee

Dir. Schmidt

President of BEN (Blockchain Edu Network)

Co-Founder ofScalarCapital

Co-Founder ofIDEO Co-Lab Ventures


Head of Video & Multimedia at the Defiant

Tyler Mulvihill

Li Jin

Jess Sloss

Kevin Owocki

Nate Geier

Founder &Managing PartnerAtelier Ventures

Instigator atSeed Club

CTO atMintBase

CEO of Gitcoin;Chief Roboticist

Co-Founder of

Louis Giraux

Erica Kang

Chloe Lewis

Scott Moore

Sid Kalla

Founder ofKryptoSeoul

Community Team at NEAR; Createbase Facilitator

Head of Community at SuperRare

Co-Founder atGitcoin

CTO atTryRoll

James Young

Daniel Hwang

Joshua Tan

Jordan Gray

Sparrow Read

Co-Founder ofAbridged

Protocol at Stakefish

Co-founder @ The Metagovernance Project

Co-Founder at CODAME; Open Web Labs at NEAR

Crypto Artist

Joseph Pallant

Jason Bailey

Tamlyn Rudolph

John Lee

Jade Darmawangsa

Ioana Surpateanu

Founder at Blockchain for Climate Foundation

Founder ofArtnome

Co-Founderof Vega

Co-Founder at SZNS

Founder at X8 Media

Chief Strategy Officer at DIA

David Vorick

Jake Brukhman

Joyce Yang

Shaan Bhagat

Alexa Meade

Jonas Lamis

CEO & Co-Founder of SIA (Skynet Labs)

CEO & Founder of CoinFund

Founder of Global Coin Research

Co-Founder ofMasterfile

Crypto Artist; TED Talk Speaker

Contributor at FlamingoDao; CEO of StakerDao

Camilla McFarland

Alexander Morris

Danny Zuckerman

Kyle Tut

ilan katin

Tate Berenbaum

Head of Operations at Serotonin

Founder of OpenKoi

Co-founderof 3Box Labs

Co-Founder & CEO of Pinata.Cloud


Founder of Verto

Jenil Thakker

Daniel Kim

Michael Zargham

Primavera De Filippi

Sam Williams

Mikeal Rogers

Paul Claudius

Founder at Coinvise


Founder of Block Science

Researcher at CNRS; Faculty Associate at Harvard University

Founder & CEO of Arweave

Engineering Manager at Protocol Labs

Co-Founderat DIA

Scott Hansen

Matthew Chaim


And More!

Mr. Misang

Kevin Abosch

Cooper Turley



Crypto Strategyat Audius


Conceptual Artist; Created The 1111 Series

Community & Media Partners


The Defiant

7:30am PT

From Newb to Ninja: All You Need To Know About NFTs, DAOs, & Social Tokens

4:30pm CET

8:00am PT

The Sandbox

The Next NFT Frontier: Virtual Worlds

5:00pm CET

Atelier Ventures, IDEO, Gitcoin

8:30am PT

Creator Economies: A Deep Dive 

5:30pm CET

Kevin Abosch, Arweave, Koi, Verto

NFT Permenance: 1111, Arweave, & more! 

9:00am PT

6:00pm CET

9:30am PT

SuperRare, EulerBeats, Scalar Capital, Coinfund

The NFT Stack: Exploring Value Capture & Use Cases Across The Stack

6:30pm CET

Moving Through Dimensions: How NFTs Gave Artist Alexa Meade's Iconic Pop Culture Artwork a New Life

10:00am PT

Alexa Meade

7:00pm CET

DADA’s Invisible Economy: A Token System Based On Intrinsic Motivations & Social Norms

Beatriz Ramos, Sparrow Read, ilan katin

10:30am PT

7:30pm CET

Mintbase, Dada.Art, & FlamingoDAO

Cracking NFT Royalties

11:00am PT

8:00pm CET

Audius, TYCHO : ISO50, SongCamp.Band, VÉRITÉ

A Deep Dive Into Music NFTs

11:30am PT

8:30pm CET

MetaGovernance Project, CNRS, Block Science

Governance Challenge: Launch & Panel

12:00pm PT

9:00pm CET

12:30pm PT

Seed Club, Global Coin Research, Coinvise, Abridged

Building Social Token Economies

9:30pm CET

1:00pm PT

Joseph Pallant, Artnome, Vega, & Stakefish

Green NFTs & Why It Matters

10:00pm CET

DeFi Primitives for NFTs

1:30pm PT

DIA Data

10:30pm CET

Exploring the NFT Curation Ecosystem

Masterfile, SZNS, Stakefish

2:00pm PT

11:00pm CET

The Future of Storage Capacity; Storing Art for Future Generations

2:30pm PT

SIA, Pinata, IPFS

11:30pm CET

3:00pm PT

Emergence of Governance Through Gitcoin Grants

Kevin Owocki, Gitcoin

7:00am KST

Rewarding Creativity to Supercharge Communities

3:30pm PT

CODAME, CreateBase, Near

7:30am KST

4:00pm PT

Jade Darmawangsa

Crypto Adoption for Normies 

8:00am KST

4:30pm PT

KryptoSeoul, Stakefish, NFT Bank, Mr. Misang

Korean NFT Ecosystem

8:30am KST

5:00pm PT

Blockchain Edu Network (BEN) & Roll HQ

Social Token Case Studies: Learnings From The Real World

9:00am KST

Near & Gitcoin

Hackathon Kickoff

5:30pm PT

9:30am KST

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